Bali Fish Spa









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Industry statistics


At Bali Fish Spa



Physical assets:



Non physical assets:

Note 1. The above bullet points are what makes Bali Fish Spa the premier fish-foot spa world wide

Note 2. More than 80 to 90 % of fish spa’s in Ubud fail

Note 3. The above bullet points collectivey out line the blue print of success 



Expansion /Growth

Ideas we’ve been sitting on for quite a while:

Owner requirements

This business can be run and maintained with out owner interaction and presence.

This business currently utilises a novel staffing and management structure.

However the new owner would need to be hands on and full time to relocate the business initially, and to recruit new staff and learn the ropes.

There after the owner can monitor the business remotely, if you choose, and let the business run itself. The new owner could restrict them self to the long term steering of the business, growth and expansion.

Sale must be finalised before end July

Current premises must be cleared before 14 August.

Sale Financials

Material Assets                                                                            73 M                  7300                 5100

Non Material Assets  (blue print for success)                             27 M                  2700                 1890

Good will (& continuing business)                                               0  M                        0                     0             

Sell price                                                                            IDR 100 M       AUD 10 000      USD 6 990

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